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ELECTROLYSIS is a PERMANENT, medically approved method of removing unwanted hair when carried out by a qualified electrologist. A NEW STERILE NEEDLE IS USED FOR EACH TREATMENT.
Up to: 10 minutes £20.00
20 minutes £25.00
30 minutes £30.00
We offer two methods, Blend and Short Wave Diathermy, both of which are progressively permanent and can be demonstrated during a free consultation. The effectiveness of electrolysis is down to the expertise of the operator and speed comes with experience. We are advanced electrologists, have been offering electrolysis since 1986 and can confidently say we get good, permanent results as is evident when our satisfied clients come back for other treatments.
INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) (Lumina from Lynton Lasers)
Consultations 40 mins Free of Charge
Patch Test £25 (redeemable against the cost of first treatment)
Facial areas from £45
Under arms £85
Basic bikini £95
Other areas also available

IPL uses a broad spectrum light in such a way as to inhibit re-growth for as long as possible. IPL relies on the absorption of light by the melanin contained in the hair in preference to absorption by melanin in the skin. It is essential, therefore, that the hair is darker than the skin for preferential absorption to occur. For this reason very dark skins, such as Afro-Caribbean, cannot be treated with IPL. The best results will normally be seen for clients with dark hair and fair skin.

IPL works by the light energy being attracted to, and absorbed by, melanin, the pigment which is present in most hair except that which is blonde, white or grey. The amount of melanin present will determine the success of the treatment. Melanin is most concentrated during the active growth phase. Evidence has shown that whilst most actively growing hairs will be destroyed some hairs treated will grow back slowly and appear much finer in texture. These hairs will need further treatment. Hairs not in the active growing phase will not be affected and will need treatment in the future when they enter their active growing stage. Hence the need for a course of treatments over a period of time.

When pigment in hair absorbs IPL energy it is converted to heat energy and heats up the hair follicle to a temperature high enough to cause irreversible damage to the growing capacity of the follicle without causing significant damage to the surrounding skin structure. Because the light is pulsed the skin, which is in contact with the air, is able to cool down sufficiently between pulses to reduce heat damage to the skin, whereas inside the hair follicle, where the heat is retained for longer, the temperature increases during the pulse sequence. The treatment is effective when the hair follicle reaches a temperature high enough to destroy the follicle.

Between 6 – 10 treatments correctly spaced, at three to eight week intervals, to target hair in the active growing phase each time, can achieve 80-90% hair reduction.

Every client wishing to be considered for IPL must attend a free consultation when the treatment will be explained fully and expectations discussed. A medical history will be taken and medication listed – please bring with you the names of any drugs you may be taking. Following a satisfactory consultation, and provided that you have not been sunbathing in the last month, if you wish to go ahead with the treatment then an obligatory patch test is necessary to determine skin reaction. Following no adverse reaction, treatment may commence after three to five days.

Here at the Specialist Health and Beauty Clinic we use the Lumina IPL system from Lynton Lasers, a machine designed and used by doctors. Lynton Lasers, a recognised centre of excellence in lasers and IPL systems, grew from The Laser Centre at Manchester University. Our Lynton Laser Lumina medical flashlamp system is a high powered, water cooled machine with variable pulse and inter-pulse delay control, which, along with three interchangeable light guide sizes, makes it stand out from the crowd. The different sized light guides allow for flexibility in treating different body sites with the largest one covering an area of 5cm. Therefore treatments of large areas such as legs and backs are relatively quick compared to other brands.
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Or to find out more about the differences between Laser and Intense Pulsed Light, view our below document.
Skin Laser Review Group, 1 (5) Aug 2002 - Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Systems - A Brief Comparison (View)
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